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In the news

Mattawa high school senior is 1 tough girl with just 1 hand. Maribel Torres was born with one hand. But she doesn't want your pity....

Jessica Montoya hails from New Mexico. I realized at an early age that my hands, my "deformity" will not and does not define me.
Sam Kuhnert hails from DuQuoin, Illinois. Sam hit his very first over the fence home-run on his very first at bat! Campbell from Apex,
N. Carolina He is planning on majoring in Psychology in college and has been taking Honors and AP courses in High School.
Patrick Hammond lives in Portland, Oregon. Patrick is a multi-talented musical artist with a great story. Campbell from Apex,
N. Carolina He is planning on majoring in Psychology in college and has been taking Honors and AP courses in High School.
Mary Grace Gellekanao. It came as no surprise when Mary Grace told me that when people see her perform they tell her, through teary eyes, that they see God's marvelous work through her playing. Michael Costantino Whitestone, New York's, Michael Costantino is truly a SuperHands Hero and real fighter. Longtime boxing writer Bert Sugar called Costantino’s efforts "amazing."
Gina Casillas The coach raves about Gina Casillas' value to the College of the Canyons women's volleyball team in Valencia, California. Tory D'Amour hails from Salem, New Hampshire. "I was kind of nervous what other people would think,'' said Tory about the first time she started softball at the tee-ball level.
Jennifer Jernigan , from Madison, Mississippi, Jernigan, who was chosen as Most Beautiful at Ole Miss over 91 other contestants, was born missing most of her right hand. Adriane Grimaldi hails from Scottsdale, Arizona and formed a support group for others with children born with Amniotic Banding Syndrome (ABS)!
Jennifer Larson , from Orchard Park New York, has reached the highest levels of junior tennis despite being born without a left hand. Sunshine Rose from Camden, New York. I was diagnosed with Poland's Syndrome shortly after birth. I was missing my right pectoral major and my right hand was much smaller and the fingers were webbed.
Jim Abbott, One Handed Baseball Pitcher and Motivational Speaker. Southpaw Jim Abbott was born in Flint Michigan without a right hand. Tammy Allard Tammy lives in Los Banos California. "I was young when I lost my arm and I wanted to be able to be like the other kids so everything I did was a challenge.
Lee Brunngraber is a stained glass artisan in Portland, Oregon. "I actually tried to hide it since I was in first grade, but now I think not being afraid to let others see my hand has actually helped others." Theresa Uchytil, Miss Iowa, is changing attitudes about disabilities. "I owe a lot of my success to the fact that my parents always supported me," Theresa said.
Betty Lou Pedersen's main hobby is raising quarter horses. She has looked for quit a while on the computer and found information about ABS, and is finally finding peace within herself after these many years. Jodie O'Connell manages "Destiny's Ride" which helps people with the upper extremity challenges learn strengthen balance, by riding horses.
Alex Voy is from Newton Aycliffe in County Durham in the North-East of England, UK. She was born in 1986 with a condition known as VACTERL association and is a talented artist. GuiGui Zheng lives in a small town in China. She has never seen a piano until 3 years ago. Watch her play the piano. Just illustrates the fact that there are no limits!

If you want to be a SuperHands Kid or Hero, or know any inspiring stories that would be a benefit to this site's viewers, please send me an email. Thank You!

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