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Haley - Guitar Playing is Solved!!!

Haley's is practicing the D chord.

A couple of Years ago Haley mentioned that her friend got a guitar for Christmas and she wanted to begin playing the one she got from us the year before that. Well, the only solution I had was to work it so that she would play it as a steel guitar, sliding up and down the frets with a steel bar. Well, she was not happy about that at all and tearfully told me she wanted to play just like other kids. I was so saddened because I couldn't solve this dilemma.

Then, all of a sudden, it came to me. "Hey, let's just reverse the strings to make the guitar left-handed and I would design a pick that would allow her to strum with her left hand." So I restrung the guitar and designed a very simple pick system that fits snuggly around her little hand in such a way that she's able to easily strum chords. I was soooo relieved that I'd been able to help her because she really wanted to play just like other kids. I can imagine that if she "sticks with it" she'll be able to do some regular picking too!
Haley happily showing off her brand new pick!
Haley's Pick - Fits snug as a bug in a rug!
Instructions for making "Haley's Pick"

Making Haley's Pick isn't difficult if you take your time. Feel free to email if you have any questions on its construction.

  1. Go to the fabric store and purchase some large flat buttons, some elastic and velcro. Also purchase a couple of plastic picks.
  2. With a small saw, cut a groove across the center of the button.
  3. Cut off the wide bottom of the pick to produce a nice straight edge.
  4. Superglue the straight edge part of the pick into the groove of the button.
  5. Cut two six-inch pieces of elastic.
  6. Superglue on six-inch length of elastic to each side of the pick on the button.
  7. When the glue is dry, cut the elastic so that it overlaps when you wrap it around the palm of your child's little hand.
  8. Cut the elastic to length. Be sure not to cut it too short.
  9. Superglue the velcro to the elastic so that the elastic will fit snuggly around the hand.
You'll have to do some experimenting, so go slow in making the pick. Don't worry if the pick falls off, just glue it back. The groove in the button seems to have solved this problem for me.

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